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Forthcoming and Recent Publications in Victorian Studies

The Cambridge Companion to the Poem

Edited by Sean Pryor

Positions poetry in relation to significant social and cultural contexts, from decolonization to the digital sphere

Evolutionary Aestheticism in Victorian Culture

Lindsay Wilhelm

Defines and historicizes an interdisciplinary intellectual tradition that linked the Aesthetic (or ‘art for art’s sake’) Movement and post-Darwinian science, offering a fuller account of how each shaped nineteenth-century debates about pleasure, sex, social progress, and rationalism

Nineteenth-Century Literature in Transition: The 1850s

Edited by Gail Marshall

Deliberately interdisciplinary in approach, mirroring the intellectual and cultural situation of the Victorians themselves whilst opening up new avenues of investigation for modern readers

Stylistic Virtue and Victorian Fiction: Form, Ethics, and the Novel

Matthew Sussman

Reveals significance of virtue theory in nineteenth-century ethics and aesthetics, with implications for contemporary criticism

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