The face-to-face hub events will occur at the end of September; we will lead up to those meetings with monthly Zoom events over the 2024 calendar year and we will follow the hub gatherings with a one-day Zoom conference across time zones to discuss large-scale, global issues.

Learn more about the conference hubs below.

Hub Host Lead Organizers

Richard Menke, LeeAnne Richardson (Atlanta)
Aeron Hung, Maia McAleavey (Boston)
Lesa Scholl (Melbourne, Australia)
Emily Harrington (Boulder)
Kathleen Frederickson, Liz Miller (Davis)

Imtraud Huber (Konstanz, Germany)
Ariane de Waal (Leipzig, Germany)
Jo Carruthers, Mark Knight (Lancaster, UK)
Jason Camlot (Montréal)
Melissa Free (Phoenix)
Silvana Colella (Rome)
Charles LaPorte, Jesse Oak Taylor (Seattle)
Joshua King (Waco)
Emily Allen, Dino Franco Felluga (West Lafayette)

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