Participate virtually and locally


Read papers and participate in asynchronous annotation of papers dynamically organized by content and topic at the Collaborative Organization for Virtual Education (COVE).

Digital Events

Attend monthly synchronous events on special topics sponsored by caucuses and scholarly groups between January and August 2024.

Call for Papers

Select an in-person hub and submit proposals for papers, panels, and roundtables here. The deadline for proposals is February 1, 2024.


Can we imagine an event that contributes to a more sustainable future while providing some advantages that are not possible at a regular annual conference? Those advantages include: increased attendance; more intimate gatherings; a less impacted schedule; reduced costs; and greater international networking and collaboration. Our idea: maintain the pleasures of a face-to-face meeting by hosting “hub” events across the world, encouraging people to attend the closest one to reduce air travel and avoid long-haul flights.  Most hubs will have one panel at a time to create an intimate collective experience. Then, we will link all the papers delivered by way of COVE Conferences, a password-protected, asynchronous annotation platform available only to attendees.  There, you can read papers of most interest to you at your leisure, sharing insights or queries with the authors of the papers.  The face-to-face hub events will occur at the end of September; we will lead up to those meetings with monthly Zoom events over the 2024 calendar year and conclude the conference with with Zoom events linking participants across time zones to discuss large-scale, global issues.

Learn more about our conference hubs

Cross-Hub Lead Organizers

Dino Franco Felluga, Purdue University
Joshua King, Baylor University

Chris Adamson, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Hub Host Lead Organizers


Lesa Scholl (Melbourne)


Jason Camlot, Tina Choi (Montréal)


Heidi Liedke, Sophia C. Jochem (Frankfurt)
Irmtraud Huber, Julia Ditter (Konstanz)


Hyungji Park (Seoul)


Adrian Wisnicki (BAVS Coordinator)
Ann Heilmann (Cardiff, Wales)
Alexandra Foulds, Louisa Yates (Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden Wales)
Jo Carruthers, Mark Knight (Lancaster, UK)

Michael Shaw, Christine Ferguson (Stirling, Scotland)
Justin Livingstone, Alex Murray (Belfast, Northern Ireland)


Richard Menke, LeeAnne Richardson (Atlanta)
Aeron Hunt, Maia McAleavey (Boston)
Emily Harrington (Boulder)
Kathleen Frederickson, Liz Miller (Davis)
Charles LaPorte, Jesse Oak Taylor (Seattle)
Joshua King (Waco)
Emily Allen, Dino Franco Felluga (West Lafayette)

Advisory Board

Emily Bell, University of Leeds
Peter Capuano, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Tina Choi, York University
Lydia Craig, Loyola University, Chicago
Jay Clayton, Vanderbilt University
Dennis Denisoff, University of Tulsa
Kate Flint, University of Southern California
Caroline Levine, Cornell University
Patricia Pulham, University of Surrey
Talia Schaffer, Queen’s College, CUNY
Cannon Schmitt, University of Toronto
Adrian Wisnicki, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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