Founded in 1916, NYU Press prides itself on being among the vanguard in exploring the potential of new innovations while remaining true to its founding scholarly principles. In the more than one hundred years since its founding, the Press has sought to reflect the intellectual vitality of New York University by publishing a wide array of provocative and compelling titles, as well as works of lasting scholarly and reference value.

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Forthcoming and Recent Publications in Victorian Studies

Literary Bioethics: Animality, Disability, and the Human

Maren Tova Linett

Uses literature to understand and remake our ethics regarding nonhuman animals, old human beings, disabled human beings, and cloned posthumans

The Unintended: Photography, Property, and the Aesthetics of Racial Capitalism

Monica Huerta

Reimagines photography through the long history of ideas of expression

The Garden Politic: Global Plants and Botanical Nationalism in Nineteenth-Century America

Mary Kuhn

How worldwide plant circulation and new botanical ideas enabled Americans to radically re-envision politics and society

Haiti’s Paper War: Post-Independence Writing, Civil War, and the Making of the Republic, 1804–1954

Chelsea Stieber

Turns to the written record to re-examine the building blocks of a nation

Emergent Worlds: Alternative States in Nineteenth-Century American Culture

Edward Sugden

Reimagines the American 19th century through a sweeping interdisciplinary engagement with oceans, genres, and time

Before Chicano: Citizenship and the Making of Mexican American Manhood, 1848-1959

Alberto Varon

Uncovers the long history of how Latino manhood was integral to the formation of Latino identity

Fugitive Science: Empiricism and Freedom in Early African American Culture

Britt Rusert

Exposes the influential work of a group of black artists to confront and refute scientific racism

The Latino Nineteenth Century

Edited by Rodrigo Lazo and Jesse Alemán

A retelling of U.S., Latin American, and Latino/a literary history through writing by Latinos/as who lived in the United States during the long nineteenth century

Undisciplined: Science, Ethnography, and Personhood in the Americas, 1830-1940

Nihad Farooq

Encourages an alternative consideration of personhood, one that emerges from evolutionary and ethnographic discourse

The Black Radical Tragic: Performance, Aesthetics, and the Unfinished Haitian Revolution

Jeremy Matthew Glick

2017 Nicolás Guillén Outstanding Book Award presented by the Caribbean Philosophical Association

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