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Forthcoming and Recent Publications in Victorian Studies

Novel-Poetry: The Shape of the Real and the Problem of Form

Emily Allen, Dino Franco Felluga

Novel-Poetry uncovers trajectories of literary influence that structure our approach to literature and affect how we shape our lives, lives which are often constrained by cause-and-effect and narrative-driven ways of approaching time and possibility.

In Dialogue with Dickens: The Mind of the Heart

Rosemarie Bodenheimer, Philip Davis

Written as an informal conversational dialogue between two scholars who have been writing about Dickens throughout their careers, In Dialogue with Dickens is the first book to consider Dickens’s manuscript revisions in detail, as indications of his psychological thinking.

The Oxford Editions of Charles Dickens

General editor: David Hewitt

The first complete authoritative edition of Dickens’ works. It will be the first scholarly edition to support the reader with comprehensive annotation, elucidating Dickens’s consistent referencing of popular culture and contemporary politics.

Nicholas Nickleby | Sketches by Boz | The Uncommercial Traveler

Wilde in the Dream Factory: Decadence and the American Movies

Kate Hext

In a lively and engrossing study, Kate Hext explores the influence of Oscar Wilde’s literature and literary persona on American culture and cinema, from the early days of silent cinema in the 1910s through to the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1950s.

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