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Forthcoming and Recent Publications in Victorian Studies

Victorian Animal Dreams: Representations of Animals in Victorian Literature and Culture

Edited by Martin A. Danahay and Deborah Denenholz Morse

This volume explicitly acknowledges the way twenty-first-century deliberations about animal rights and the fact of past and prospective animal extinction haunt the discussion of the Victorians’ obsession with animals.

Queer Victorian Families: Curious Relations in Literature

Edited by Duc Dau and Shale Preston

Chiefly concerned with atypical or “queer” families, this collection serves as a corrective against limited definitions of family and is a timely addition to Victorian studies

The Victorian Novelist: Social Problems and Change

Edited By Kate Flint

Many Victorian novels that considered social problems made extensive use of contemporary source material for their descriptions. This book aims to provide a greater acquaintance with this non-literary material — illustrating and exemplifying issues that the authors treated imaginatively.

The Victorians and the Eighteenth Century: Reassessing the Tradition

Edited by Francis O’Gorman and Katherine Turner

Disrupting the common assumption that the Victorians regarded their eighteenth-century predecessors with little interest or with disdain, the essays in The Victorians and the Eighteenth Century propose a re-examination of these relationships.

Critical Theory: The Key Concepts

Dino Franco Felluga

This book explains the key concepts at the heart of a wide range of influential theorists from Agamben to Žižek. Entries range from concise definitions to longer more explanatory essays

Victorian Secrecy: Economies of Knowledge and Concealment

Edited By Albert D. Pionke and Denise Tischler Millstein

Victorian Secrecy explores the myriad ways in which knowledge was both zealously accumulated and jealously guarded by individuals, institutions, and government entities in Victorian Britain.

Victorian Material Culture

Edited By Richard Menke

This collection brings together a range of primary sources on Victorian material and culture. This third volume, ‘Invention and Technology’, will look at a variety of Victorian inventions, both foundational and short-lived.

Oceania and the Victorian Imagination: Where All Things Are Possible

Edited by Peter H. Hoffenberg and Richard D. Fulton

This collection of essays focuses on Oceania’s impact on Victorian culture, most notably travel writing, photography, international exhibitions, literature, and the world of children.

The Routledge Companion to Victorian Literature

Edited By Dennis Denisoff and Talia Schaffer

Rigorously engaged with current scholarship that is both historically sensitive and theoretically informed, the Routledge Companion places the genres of the novel, poetry, and drama and issues of gender, social class, and race in conversation with subjects like ecology, colonialism, the Gothic, digital humanities, sexualities, disability, material culture, and animal studies.

Victorian Artists’ Autograph Replicas: Auras, Aesthetics, Patronage and the Art Market

Edited by Julie F. Codell

This book is a wide-ranging exploration of the production of Victorian art autograph replicas, a painting’s subsequent versions created by the same artist who painted the first version.

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