Note: Conference registration is not active yet, but once it is, participants will be able to purchase tickets on Whova below.

Sponsoring Organizations

Before registering, please join or renew your membership with the local sponsoring organization. The organizers, hub leaders, and advisory board are grateful to these organizations for their support in coordinating Victorianist communities across the globe.

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Fee Structure

The central fee of $100 regular and $50 graduate student, independent scholar, or contingent/non-tenure-track faculty member will be used to support central organization, communication, website maintenance, RA labor, and so on. An extra hub fee will give attendees access to one of the hub events: choose the one closest to wherever you are in the last two weeks of September 2024. The hub fee will vary based on local needs. Extras at the hub events (banquet, alcohol, etc.) may be billed separately from the conference fee.

General Registration

To begin the registration process, please select the hub you wish to attend in the menu below.

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