EVENT 2024 is an experiment in sustainable global conferencing, including monthly Zoom events, face-to-face hub events in September, and the asynchronous discussion of uploaded papers on COVE Conferences. We will not be restricting talks: all talks that explore the period 1832-1910 will be considered. We encourage reflection on our theme, “event,” which can be interpreted broadly: catastrophic events (like climate change); history and temporality; chronologies and periodization; narrative; theater and spectacle; liturgy and ritual; performativity and identity; personal events (marriage, birth, death); autobiography and biography; unnarratable events (the sublime, the visionary, the transcendent); the bildungsroman; the relationship of form to change; historical poetics and strategic formalism; longue durĂ©ejetztzeit; Foucauldian archaeologies; alternative events (the optative, historiographic metafiction, steampunk); notions of singularity (systems theory, AI, climate), the eventuality of the digital; Event and revolution (Badiou, Dupuy); and so on. Given the global nature of Event 2024, we would also be interested in talks that explore global issues, such as the Commonwealth, imperialism, world trade, war, and the environment.

Zoom Panels Following In-Person Hubs

Participants who cannot travel to hubs but still want to share their research and insights are invited to organize and propose virtual panels. Selected panels will present over Zoom along with events hosted by sponsoring organizations such as book awards.

If you are organizing a panel, one person in your proposed panel should fill in the following fields, providing a brief rationale of no more than 300 words and listing the people who will be contributing papers.


Panel Proposals are due by February 1, 2024.

Proposal Submission

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