Deadlines for submissions and a link to the submission portal will appear here in due time. In the meantime, we provide some guidance here so you can start thinking about what you might like to present.

We will not be restricting talks based on our theme: all talks that explore the period 1832-1910 will be considered. Given the nature of this event, we would be especially interested to see talks that explore global issues, such as the Commonwealth, imperialism, world trade, war, and the environment. We also encourage reflection on our advertised theme, “event,” which can be interpreted broadly: catastrophic events (like climate change); history and temporality; chronologies and periodization; narrative; theater and spectacle; liturgy and ritual; performativity and identity; personal events (marriage, birth, death); autobiography and biography; unnaratable events (the sublime, the visionary, the transcendent); the bildungsroman; the relationship of form to change; historical poetics and strategic formalism; longue duréejetztzeit; Foucauldian archaeologies; alternative events (the optative, historiographic metafiction, steampunk); notions of singularity (systems theory, AI, climate), the eventuality of the digital; Event and revolution (Badiou, Dupuy, Žižek); and so on. 

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